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VASSAL Reference Manual



This manual describes the features of the VASSAL module editor.  It is not necessary to be familiar with this documentation if you are only using VASSAL to play games.  The information here is also available from VASSAL's on-line help.

The Configuration Window is used to edit either a Module or a Module Extension. The menu bar of the Configuration Window offers the following actions:

Editing Modules

All modifications to a module are done through the Configuration Window, which is a familiar file/folder type browser in which each file/folder represents a module component. Right-click on an any component to get a popup menu with options for that component.  Use the Cut, Copy, Paste, and Move commands to move components around within the module.

Specific details concerning module components is available on the GameModule Page.


Brings up a dialog in which you specify the options for that components.  Double-clicking on a component also brings up its Properties dialog.


Deletes the component from the module.


Makes an exact copy of the component and inserts it after the existing component.


Brings up the corresponding page in this manual.

Add ...

Adds a sub-component to this component

Configuration window.png