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Tim, in the Across 5 Aprils module page, Iam2509 removed links to the modules for approx. 4 other scenarios. That's why I reverted his change. Not only did he screw up the formatting, he removed several lines in the file table linking to other scenario modules. Not other version numbers... entire battles.

Alkulkis00 - again I saw what you did. Yes Stephen messed up the formatting. I undid your revision because you simply reverted the page which was not what Stephen wanted to do. To illustrate here is a screenshot of his edit - please note the files he wanted to keep with screenshot of what I did - I simply fixed his formatting. This is all that was needed to be done - not a revert like you did.

Stephen has the right to remove the files because they belong to him. You would know that if you bother to check page history - which again - you didnt


Tim, the page USED TO HAVE links to 8 or 9 separate scenarios. Now it has FOUR. He didn't just misformat it, he clobbered every trace of 4 or 5 useful .vmod files.

Please reread the last paragraph I wrote again. The fIles were uploaded by stephen, he has the right to remove them. It is his perogative, not yours and not mine.

Moderation Question

Hi Tim!

Question: when I submit a wiki page edit and it says it's in moderation. Is there any way to know (e.g. a couple days later) when the edit hasn't appeared whether it (a) was rejected or (b) is still in the moderation queue?

Reason I ask: I have a major version release (9.3) I'd like to add to Module:Paths_of_Glory, but a day or two ago I submitted an edit to that page paring down the download list of some of the more ancient versions of the module to clear clutter. I did this after consulting a major figure in the PoG community, and noted the reasons for it in my edit description, but I can see how it is possible a deletion of several lines of content might possibly have been rejected.

Obviously if a moderator rejected the edit then I don't want to try to re-apply it; conversely if the edit is still waiting in the moderation queue then I'm worried that if I make a NEW edit to add it that it will eventually clash with the earlier edit when moderation time comes. I don't seem to have any email settings in preferences that apply to this.

Clearly I'm excited to get the "cool new version" out since it's got some major feature adds, but I also don't want to clobber the page etc etc.

Any help most appreciated!


Brian Reynolds