Module:Here I Stand

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Publisher GMT Games Era Gunpowder
Year 2006 Topic Protestant Reformation
Players 2 to 6 Scale Strategic
Length Long


Filename Filetype Size Date Compatibility
Here_I_Stand_3.2.vmod Module 7.75 MB 2014-07-21 3.2.12+
500th Anniversary Edition
Here_I_Stand_500th_1.1.vmod Module 10.43 MB 2018-05-29 3.2.17+

Module Information

Maintainer JoelCFC25
Contributors JoelCFC25


Before you start, please read "How to Use This Module" in the Help menu or "Module Help" in the Player Aids toolbar menu. There are valuable tips that explain the module's features.

As always, this module is not compatible with games begun using earlier versions of the module. Contact me if you'd like assistance updating an ongoing game to the latest version.

500th Anniversary Edition version 1.1

  • Moved Scots Raid out of starting deck to Turn 3 card pile
  • Made mouse-over stack viewer work on explorers and conquistadors

Version 3.2

New Features
  • Added toolbar buttons to Religious Struggle display for one-click selection of random debaters from committed/uncommitted pools
  • Several additional dice rolling buttons to speed resolution of combats and religious actions
  • Fixed broken reporting for unit elimination
  • Restored ability to rotate naval units
  • Fixed Papacy's score adjustment from dropping special VP markers (Copernicus, Servetus, Master of Italy, War Winner) in its Bonus VP box
  • Turn marker draws beneath other pieces sent to Turn Track (reformers, debaters, et al)

Managing Control Markers

For module changelog and older versions, see the module discussion page

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