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Historical Comments

Instructions for creating the base TK2 mod

1. Download both TK2_no_maps.mod and TK2_no_maps_to_v200_updater.jar files from the files listing.

2. Place both of these files in the same directory on your machine.

3a. (Mac and Windows users) Double click on the jar file. This should automatically build the file TK2_2_00.mod from the contents of TK2_no_maps.mod and TK2_no_maps_to_v200_updater.jar.

3b. (Linux users) On my Linux machine (possibly misconfigured so that step 3a does not work), I use the following command to create the base mod:

 % java -cp TK2_no_maps_to_v200_updater.jar

(and then for some reason, I need to copy the resultant file from a temp location into ./TK2_2_00.mod, but this does work fine after it is created. This is likely a misconfiguration as well, and you may not experience this problem...)

4. After creating the file TK2_2_00.mod (about 13 MB), you can now delete both TK2_no_maps.mod and TK2_no_maps_to_v200_updater.jar.

IMPORTANT: Do not delete TK2_2_00.mod even after using it to create later versions of the mod. The updater files will always expect to find TK2_2_00.mod in order to build updated versions. For example, an updater to build say, version 2.09 will require TK2_2_00.mod and the 2.09 updater jar to build TK2_2_09.mod. So don’t throw away TK2_2_00.mod. Other versions you can toss, no problem. They are never used for building updated mods.